When in Athens guide

When in Athens is a new visitor guide for the city of Athens curated by the Ozon creative team. The guide is released as an annual print edition, which you can pick up from the best in town, as well as a digital version for on the go access.

Ozon is an urban and fashion-oriented hub that builds brand relevance and industry credibility while inspiring fashion conscious young people, trend enthusiasts and style-seekers.

With over 20 years of experience in the city’s finest art, fashion and bar scene, Ozon brings to you the best bits of the city to discover via When In Athens.

When in Athens is a special guide for visitors who want to have a complete local experience and discover the best Athenian destinations. So, flick through the guide, find the best venue for you and make the most out of your visit in Athens!

More than 50 businesses such as shops, spas, clubs and bars are waiting for you to find out what happens… When in Athens !

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