Federico Carta aka Crisa was born in Cagliari, Sardinia in 1984. He’s a self taught artist who began the graffiti around 1996. Walls, recycled materials and canvas became his surfaces to paint.

His personal style as a combination of various materials and techniques lead to a diversity of themes relative to nature and metropolis. Using environmental themes and urban scenery through his inspiration from abandoned cities where nature has took over the control, he has managed to balance plants, antennas, washing machines, wastelands and buildings creating an imaginary result.

He has just completed a mural combining geometries and spheres, ropes and pipes with natural elements, giving the sense of an urban forest. This chaos produce its own harmony in which the selected colors undoubtedly contribute. Blue inspired by the Greek flag and yellow which is the main color of the neighborhood.

Nikaia – Athens, Greece 2018




Federico Carta aka Crisa For ATHENSAF

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