The Fox And The Crow

Alessio Bolognesi created his mural for Athens Street Art Festival curated by Andreas C Tsourapas and a team of passionate individuals believing in art’s power in our world.

The mural borrowing its name by the tale of the well known ancient greek storyteller Aesop called “The fox and the crow” was created on the wall of a primary school about 12 x 3m long. The way Alessio Bolognesi manipulates his diverse techniques to achieve the desirable outcome like this geometric pattern combined with illustrative figures is loud enough for us to pay attention in order to receive the deepest message of his efforts, the moral of the tale. This wise tale with its double meaning show us on the one hand how a flatterer lives at the expense of those who will listen to him, while on the other hand it is a demonstration of how smartness and cleverness are fundamental skills to survive.

Drapetsona, Athens 2018






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