A black and white art project by Athens – London based artist Taxiarchis Mermiris titled Triptych.

Taxiarchis’ work provides caustic social criticism striking humorous chords, while simultaneously creating sinister and ominous undertones.

Fears and vices, derived from the perplex irrationality of human nature are exploited and exposed. Most of the messages are implicit, though the work itself is quite audacious and provocative.

Ιn most of his work, he benefits from the absolute freedom of stability offered by ink, in order to act instinctively, to communicate his thoughts directly and to create complex compositions seamlessly. He follows the same philosophy in color, which allows him to experiment more, but always maintaining his characteristic identity.

One therefore distinguishes between techniques, which might be different in terms of the creative process, but are otherwise interrelated, evolving through composition, subject matter, technique and aesthetics.

Triptych 2

Triptych 3

Triptych 4

Triptych 5

Triptych 6

Triptych 7

Triptych 8

Triptych 9

Triptych 10

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