Christian Barthold

Three collage artworks made by Christian Barthold for Pay magazine / Germany.

About some billionaires who enjoy themselves using their money to do “good“ things (well, sometimes they do…)

For the artwork above: Mark Zuckerberg (who calls himself a “CEO-Bitch“) plans to donate 99% of his Facebook-shares for charity during his lifetime. Hope you don’t get lost before you donate, Mark!


Søren Nørgaard has a big heart for people in Denmark that cannot afford healthcare. His enterprise “Caremaker“ is very successful in fund-raising. This seems to work out very good – over 100.000 people from Denmark have donated yet. Well done, Søren !


Elon Musk who founded PayPal, has a fondness for Africa, and he is well aware of over-population. So he came up with the idea to colonize Mars. Okeeeh… Elon’s recycable SpaceX rocket has been launched some time ago. And hey – it came back to earth in one piece (!!!) Wow!
But will people from Africa really have the money to move to Mars? I guess not.

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