Blo Paintings

Abstract large scale mural art by Blo Paintings in the center of Athens (Exarcheia)

Although rooted in traditional graffiti in both material and composition, BLO’s current practice displays an acute sense of awareness in moving from an urban landscape to gallery spaces–not just a shift in medium, but one of context, audience and exposure. What for many is a difficult space to negotiate, it is within this quiet rift that BLO’s paintings breathe.

When i first saw this one, i was like… Yes, can we have more of this colorful art in the city? How do you like it? You can read more about this team here and visit as well their online porfolio. Cheers

Abstract Exarcheia 4

Abstract Exarcheia 3

Abstract Exarcheia 2

Abstract Exarcheia 5

Abstract Exarcheia 6

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