Gemma Koomen

In love with this awesome work! Card series by UK based artist Gemma Koomen! Can i please live for a while this Christmas in her world?

Gemma Koomen is a freelance illustrator and artist based in beautiful, wild Northumberland, UK. Inspired by nature, nostalgia and simplicity, Gemma’s work begins by hand with gouache, ink and the occasional colour pencil, and is driven by the desire to capture little moments of calm and joy, recreating the familiar and domestic into elements of magical possibility.

Her love of painting and drawing began as a child when she would spend her days in an imaginary world created with crayons and pencils on the backs of her artist father’s rejected screenprints, on walls and underneath furniture. Gemma went on to study Fine Art Photography at Glasgow School of art, go on to complete a whirlwind Masters in Illustration and continue to work as a photographer, web designer and occasional illustrator in between raising children. Through the years, the love of drawing and painting remained, and inspired her to start illustrating freelance full-time.

Gemma loves plants, birds, rambling walks and tea in the sunshine, and is inspired by vintage paraphernalia, old black and white photography, time spent in nature and conversations with her two young daughters. She is available for commissions and has selected prints and other goodies available to buy in her online shop!

Gemma Koomen 2

Gemma Koomen 3

Gemma Koomen 4

Gemma Koomen 5

Gemma Koomen 6

Gemma Koomen 7

Gemma Koomen 8

Gemma Koomen 9

Gemma Koomen 10

Gemma Koomen 11

Gemma Koomen 12

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