Fresh street art from downtown Athens. If you happen to walk at Metaxourgeio area you will see this large scale mural from Rkuan, Dreyk the pirate, Barba dee and Mark! The first three greek artists worked a lot together during our hot summer, Mark is a addition. Enjoy

Rkuan-Dreyk-Barba Dee-Mark_2

Rkuan-Dreyk-Barba Dee-Mark_3

Rkuan-Dreyk-Barba Dee-Mark_4

Rkuan-Dreyk-Barba Dee-Mark_5

Rkuan-Dreyk-Barba Dee-Mark_6

Rkuan-Dreyk-Barba Dee-Mark_7

Metaksourgeio, Athens 2017
Source: Greek Street Art

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