Yosigo, cinematic banality

Not the first time that i post about the fantastic work of barcelona based photographer Yosigo but this time is totally for different reason why. His personal space is to die for! Modern, with great natural light, wood surfaces and plenty of plants. This photographs are part of his latest interview for a website titled: The Social Family. Don’t forget after this “snoopy preview” to visit his “online home” and take a look of his amazing photographic work. Enjoy

yosigo 4

yosigo 5

yosigo 13

yosigo 15

yosigo 1

yosigo 2

yosigo 3

yosigo 6

yosigo 7

yosigo 8

yosigo 9

yosigo 10

yosigo 14

yosigo 16

yosigo 17

yosigo 18

yosigo 11

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