Saf Festival

Many different styles in this post dedicated to Street Art Festival Thessaloniki (SAF). Colourful graffiti, street art, mural art by greek plus european artists! Check the artworks, can’t wait for the next year. We also have an interview to read from the man behind this festival, Apset! I think i m gonna visit the next one… Cheers


Rocket 01

_Really team

Taxis Jamer

_Bran Ashos


_rino rasel amok

_Leonidas Giannakopoulos




Glow Xpome

Jasone PeryStyle Nel


Macs Etnik

NBC fam_ Dwayne Smartie Dante


Artists: Apset, Ionas, Rino, Rasel, Amok, Omle Biliv, Really team, Onebran, Ashos, Taxis, Jamer, Same84, Leonidas Giannakopoulos, Jasone, Rocket O1, KinMX, Nel, Perystyle, NBC fam, Dwayne Smartie Dante, Freakasso, Dem, Macs Etnik, Glow Xpome

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