The Karlovasi Festival

The first edition of The Karlovasi street art festival is over and here ar the artworks created by greek artists such as: Billy Gee, Taxis, b., Dreyk The Pirate, Leonidas Giannakopoulos, Blaqk, Iris Anna Zervou, Yiakou, Same84, Pupet, Atek, Dimitrios Koletsis, Argiris Ser, Simple G! Definitely a summer festival on a greek island to remember. Curated by: Yiakou. One more reason to visit Samos Island this summer. Enjoy

b. Karlovasi

billy gee Karlovasi

Blaqk karlovasi

Blaqk Night

Dreyk Karlovasi

Giannakopoulos Karlovasi

Taxis Karlovasi



Dreyk Yiakou Karlovasi

Pupet Karlovasi

same84 Karlovasi

ser Karlovasi

simple g

Yiakou Karlovasi


Iris anna zervou Karlovasi

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