It’s official we have new offline collaboration! If you intent to travel to Crete-Greece this summer then Zalo is the place for greek souvenirs. They have a unique collection especially made by greek designers. You will find there our pin collection, magnets plus some endless summer prints

ZALO means a step, in the local dialect of Crete. This is exactly what the ZALO boutique is about: a step forward to the world of souvenirs.
The doors are opened to the public, in order to reinvent the idea of… “something Greek” to bring back home. If you enjoy great design and want to discover real Greek creators, this is the place.
We are passionate with design and love Crete. The store offers a range of exquisite, 100% Greek products -from handmade diaries and knowledge games, to homemade cosmetics and pure honey – to remind you of your time here and make you smile.
Definitely if you visit the island of Crete it worths a visit this place where you can also learn great tips about the local city life.

Zalo 11

Zalo 2

Zalo 6

Zalo 3

Zalo 4

Zalo 5

Zalo 7

Zalo 8

Zalo 9

Zalo 10

We are currently looking for more offline collaborations. Drop us a line: . We will send you our catalogue for retailers. You can read more about our team here and find more offline spots to shop our products here. Cheers

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