Bodies (The refugees)

During the last two years, Greece has been hosting a large number of refugees from the Middle East. In particular, only in January 2016, 3000-4000 immigrants did reach the Greek islands’ shores on a daily basis. Talibans and Jihadists push more and more people to abandon their countries-Afghanistan and Syria respectively.

Once again, Greece is hitting the headlines all over the world. Idomeni on the mainland and the islands of Lesvos, Chios and Samos have become the focal point which is inundated by people looking for new roots in the hope of a better future. Hundreds of people are losing their lives in the waters where once King Aegeas and the mythical Ikarus drowned. Τhousands volunteers both natives and foreigners are streaming to the “hot spots” to lend a helping hand.

Dozens of thousands of bodies arrive at Piraeus from the Aegean islands, accommodated in tents and containers. Exhausted, sunburnt bodies; bodies carrying feelings, memories, hope, colours of the East. Bodies stripped of everything.

The mural is located some lanes away from the port of Piraeus, in the ruins of a neoclassical building from the previous century.


Dimensions: 4×3.5 m
Materials: Acrylics on wall
Year: 2016

Artist: Fikos

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