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Archisearch is one of the most important web site in Greece when it comes to Architecture, art and design. A great platform if you want to keep yourself updated. This Monday Zacharenia Vidaki posted about Mess Project and we are more than happy to be featured. We can’t thank you enough…

Mess Project was created in 2012 from a group of people that felt the necessity to remain creative apart from the jobs they had until then. The name (Mess) consists of the initial letters of their names describing as well the existing situation at that time and perhaps until today in Greece.

Just wanting to create objects and unique images with fresh and humorous mood the round coasters from papier – mache’ (pressed paper) was the first object produced.

In essence is the subversive view of young children for the adult way of life from pressed paper. Later t-shirts, badges, magnets and posters were added visualizing phrases from ancient Greece with vintage aesthetics. Since then many collaborations followed such as Benaki’s museum merchandise shop, Forget Me Not – Plaka, Zalo – Crete, Lokalee – Kardamyli but also online at Etsy’s platform.

Arriving today and realizing the need for extroversion of Greek culture and design, they re-examine the design of the Greek souvenirs. They create postersnotebook with pop – aesthetics and forms inspired from Greek tradition and nature, getting their work one step beyond.

Illustrations from Greek island, boat, cactus, donkey and the owl are only a few of this year’s designs entitled Endless Summer.

Art – director Spyros Athanassopoulos with studies in visual communication. He began his career in the creative department of Labrakis’ journalism organization where he then dealt with the advertising. Collaborations with: McCann – Athens, Atcom Internet and Multimedia, Mindworks, Jnl+, McVictor & Hamilton etc. The team is completed with Irene and Sofia Kitsopoulos.

Paper Coasters

Paper Coaster_2

Paper Coaster

Yellow fish-Greek Island Poster

Palm Tree Notebook

Owl Print

Aristotle_T shirt

Cactus Print

Donkey Print

Girl Print

Owl Notebook

Heraclitus Pin

Kalimera Magnet

Paper Coasters_2

Xenophon Pin

Boat Poster


We are currently looking for more offline collaborations. If you want to “join the team” Drop us a line: We will send you our catalogue for retailers

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