Dreyk the Pirate met with Rkuan couple of months back, In December 2016.

“We both live close, we like eachother’s art, and since we love doing collaborations we came up, doing the specific wall last weekend”.

“The original idea was drawing two characters side by side, but after some thoughts we came up with the idea working something more “merged”. Simple as a concept, but different from the usual way we would work of our own.”

“So after we saw eachother’s sketchbooks, brainstorming as long we drunk coffee, Adam & Eve theme seemed a good idea. We both like Romanticism and wanted the allegory feeling, that’s why we decided the specific purple-pink pallet of colors. Eve holds an almost eaten apple and Adam as he hugs Eve, lifts a skull, like a reference to Hamlet. They are not in a forest paradise but in a deforest land”.

Rkuan_Dreyk 2

Rkuan_Dreyk 3

Rkuan_Dreyk 4

Rkuan_Dreyk 5

Rkuan_Dreyk 6

Athens 2017

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