A clothing brand titled Hazelnut created by two sisters inspired by urban culture. Love the clothes especially this t-shirt with the awesome print on the back and this black tank top with the army pattern. Fresh enough don’t you think?. Here comes their sort brand bio…

Sea Sun Snow, is a street wear brand created in 2014 by two sisters from Athens who simply love making and designing urban clothing.
Our mission: Nothing is impossible if you really love doing it. Hazelnut brand is here to show that starting something from scratch is possible, when you use your domestic resources. What you see is as Greek and handmade as it gets.
Our inspirations: Each clothing collection is inspired by Greek athletes coming from every single background. From the sea, to the sun and the snow.

hazelnut 1

hazelnut 3

hazelnut 4

hazelnut 5

hazelnut 6

hazelnut 7

hazelnut 8

hazelnut 9

hazelnut 10

hazelnut 11

hazelnut 12

hazelnut 13

hazelnut 14

hazelnut 15

hazelnut 16

hazelnut 17

hazelnut 18

hazelnut 19

hazelnut 20

hazelnut 21

hazelnut 22

hazelnut 23

hazelnut 24

hazelnut 25

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