BLU in Navarino Park in Exarchia

Shortly after the release of “NULLA” fanzine from ZOOO editions, BLU is back on the road with a new large scale artwork. The Italian artist continues to connect his work with purposes and social values, expressing them openly and linking them to the social situation of the regions where he paints like Exarchia one of the most characteristic areas of Athens.

In the past decades, it (Exarchia) has been an authentic cultural pole, attracting most people of the arts and the aesthetic of Athens. NTUA (National (Metsovian) Technical University of Athens) remains the ‘’star’’ of the area and continues to play an important role in the social life of the country.

Navarino Park is a self-managed public space occupied by squatters. It used to function as a parking lot and in the next urban development plans it was about to be build another building for office accommodation. At that time thought the land was occupied by the squatters and gradually turned into a park, aiming to stop the industrialization of the area.

BLU’s work comes to support these groups that imagined and then turned this plot into a park. Reaction to the urbanization where we see a city surrounded by nature.







We would also like to thank the lawyer of the area (Nikos Daskalakis) who gladly open his office to us so that we could do the photo shooting.

Words: F. Kaparou – E. Temponera

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