A mural by Gonzalo Borondo, street artist – artist from Spain titled “Shame” (2013) on the main entrance of k44, bar, music club, art space downtown Athens-Greece. Intervention realized with acrylics scratched on glass.

“It’s easier to find me in the streets rather than online. I live in a dimension of “here and now” that enables me to have a more sincere approach, something that couldn’t be mediated by the screen. I communicate through my art in a straightforward way, usually helped by the public nature of the great walls that host my work, directly involving me in the stories and in the surrounding space. I physically live what I do. However, I can recognize a good means of communication even if it doesn’t suit me, neither by nature nor by method; I can see how useful it could be to share and, from experience, how dangerous it would be to let someone else use it in my place.”



There’s more life in the street than in all of the web.



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