Atek and art in public

Do you believe that art in public spaces is good to comment on public affairs, public Issues? How do you think this particular job affected the pedestrians?

There has never been a form of art that hasn’t. It’s inevitable and necessary at the same time. In times of decisions art makes them too.

The mural art and generally art interferes, the issue is to what purpose and content. Graffiti like all other forms of artistic creation is receiving the strong influence of different ideologies, values and feelings growing under the current conditions. One main problem today is that what is called art easily leads to a detachment of the content, so the form is declared to a content of art.

The specific work , although it’s not the most well-executed for various reasons served what I wanted. It was a stamp. I’m not sure that the same would happen if the content was not given to on a plate. I know that it has touched and provoked, but what I did not expect is the food of thought, an effect that seems to appear on the youngsters.

Do you perceive your work on the streets to be politicized or was it something you needed to do at that moment?
The dynamics that an image, a sketch or a nice big graffiti has is stimulating. Lately what concerns me the most is how I’ll manage through what I love and know how to do best, to pass on something more to the viewer beyond a simple feeling. I work 14 years with graffiti and painting in general, without having the same concern from the beginning. This does not mean that all my works have such content or comment on the news, but when I choose to express I will talk, and won’t ape.

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Source: Greek Street Art

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