Eleni Sakelaris

Eleni is a fantastic artist – print maker based in downtown Athens, Greece. She worked for several year in advertising agencies in Greece such as Karamella and Looking design group plus Fabrica.it in Italy. Nowadays she run her own design studio… Here comes a short bio to find out more.

” Hi, I am Eleni. I spend countless hours contemplating while drawing and carving linoleum. I used to be, and still am sometimes, a graphic designer. Mostly these days I carve. Linoleum came into my life a couple of years ago when I decided that I could no longer spend as much time inside the hyper reality of my computer screen. I wanted to use my hands and become more in touch with a slower side of myself. I wanted something that felt. With the changes going on all around me, I wanted to keep moving, but not at the oppressive speeds of modernity. At a speed just of my own. Carving created a safe space of contemplation and self expression for that and so I just went with it. And here I am, presenting to you my time well spent.”

Her linoleum print work featured in Gestalten plus many design blogs in Greece. Definitely recomment to visit her awesome shop and find something for you from her limited edition print collection. Enjoy





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