Kitty in a boat

Dreyk the Pirate started graffiti in Athenian streets in the late 90’s, drawing various characters. In year 2004 he made a twist into the navy motif, and started spreading worldwide pirates, mermaids, sailors and sea imaginary. After a point he established drawing fat sailors, using white and blue colour and since 2016, blue replaced by orange.
He has experimented with many other art forms such as making toy figures, music but he always admired engravers and their devotion for that process. Lately decided working on a series of etching linocuts and make some prints.

“Kitty in boat” is his first limited edition of 25 Linocut Prints on 29.7 x 42 cm (A3) paper, signed and numbered. For him, It was totally different as a process from those he’s been working till now, cause carving the linoleum really takes time and printing was a big challenge.

All pictures by Phi Factor Photography.

“Kitty in boat” is available for sale, for more info at

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