rtmone for Street art Air bnb Apartment in Athens

You have taken advantage of all the aspects of the house for the illustrations. Pipes, toilet flushes etc. Which were the difficulties that you faced or is a easy job?
There was no difficulty. The art director Yiannis Xindaras came up with the idea and it fitted perfectly with the casual street art culture of getting inspiration from the space itself and transforming it thereafter to something new. The surfaces were smooth, which makes the drawing much easier compared to the rough, uneven surfaces of the public spaces, which constitute the main canvases of our street excursions.

Given the amount of new “friends” that one will encounter when entering the apartment, in your opinion, which will be the visitor’s impressions and how easy will it be for him/her to relax in it?  
I guess that the visitors of this particular apartment will be fans or at least used to the aesthetics of character design and street art. Therefore, the positive impressions are expected. The ability to relax is a subjective issue. I, personally, sleep in an all-white room, but the majority of people that I know wish to be surrounded by decorations and information what is related to their culture.

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