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Have you studied something relevant with art – typography, or calligraphy?
I think that study is all the experiences you get throughout your lifetime. Since my childhood I was fascinated by the inscriptions. Simple, bright, neon, and generally everything that screams and calls me to tell me the story that lies behind… From signs stores to posters in the streets and many more… All this led me to work on the graphic design and later to the Printing-Calligraphy. Eventually I studied graphic design properly, for the record.

How did you start with street messages and what was the occasion?
Generally I like to express myself openly to the world in many ways. Now asphalt messages have started completely random. I found one day at the street a box full of white chalk and as a person involved in the writing and lettering and who never lost touch with the child within, I immediately tried to write on the asphalt. When I saw the result, I liked it a lot. I realized that I had found another way to communicate with people in spite of this loneliness that plagues our time.

Your art is dealing with the romantic side of life and has a nostalgic feeling. Is something like that important in our times?
I feel that our time is characterized by great loneliness and simultaneously alienation. Romance seems to have being  lost and in this contribute internet, smart phones, the continuous pursuit of money and much more. It makes no sense to dwell on the subject, how and why. Yes, my messages can be categorized romantic because they intend to excite, cheer, and even confuse, generally rock the stagnant waters. Naturally it is nostalgic as the past becomes the future and without the first the second cannot exist. The tradition plays an important part in all this, because it reminds us that we are humans and not dots bouncing on messenger.

What are your most important influences and how much have they have changed you? Your writing style looks like it is pulled out from an earlier time.
I don’t like particularly the word ‘’influences’’, ’’Great Loves’’ I would say better. Rick Griffin and his friends in San Francisco, general trends in west coast in the middle of the 60’s with psychedelic posters and album covers. The punk culture of the period ‘77 – ’79, the posters and the principle titles of the films of old Greek cinema. These are my three ‘’Great Loves’’ in Art. They have not changed me, simply because I am familiarized with them since I was young and all together progressively contributed to my development as a person and artist. I think it’s needless to say why my writing style seems to be pulled out from the past.

Good morning is now like your signature. Do you think that an artist must have a specific way of writing? Something that makes him special?
Whoever observes my work on the road will find that I do not sign them… The work itself is my signature. Yes, I believe that an artist should have a fixed style (spelling I would say) that is recognizable, although he cannot do otherwise because they all come from within. The art is inside the artist and that is what makes him special. Now as regards the ‘Good morning’ is a wish and a prompt for a Nice Day, is the simplest message of all, but also the most possible eight letters that make you feel beautiful … So simple as that.

Your main material in this project is chalk. This makes you work temporary, being left something behind is something that does not concerns you?
I use chalk for that very reason, because it ‘’washes off’’ relatively quickly. The art of the provisional has its own value, priceless. When something has a long life time does not allow you to think about it, or you love or miss and it is there just enough not to get bored with. And so the messages I write is relevant. Suit our time.

Why only on streets and not on walls? The project size is something that bothers you?
The walls are about other things and after all everyone writes on the walls. That’s why you have to be more observant to discern particular artists and messages. When you walk on the road you do not expect to see something written on the asphalt, there where the game is being played… The size does not exactly concern me, it is related to the surrounding environment and the natural tension that every message has. The road is like a large piece of paper and as I write on a blank page with crayons and inks, so I write on the asphalt with chalk, simply the dimensions change.

Have you ever sat in front of a work of yours? What are the world’s reactions?
My artwork is made any time of the day. People see what I create, most of them greet me and say that my drawings make their day, sometimes they get surprised. Some wait every time to see what new I have made. They shoot and upload my work to the internet; they say that they send it to their loved ones all over the world from Canada to Japan. General reactions are enthusiasm, laughter, smiles even… screams!

Do you admire the work of another Greek street artist?
There are many notable Greek street artists I admire. The one that stands out the most is Wild Drawing. He is not Greek, but he lives and works for years in Greece.

In 10 years’ time from now…
More art, more happy people.





ince my childhood I was fascinated by the inscriptions. Simple, bright, neon, and generally everything that screams and calls me to tell me the story that lies behind…






When something has a long life time does not allow you to think about it, or you love or miss and it is there just enough not to get bored with




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