Green – Urban Balconies

Living in the city is not always a pleasure, especially when you don’t want to lose your connection with nature. Spring is here that’s why today i m going to share my inspiration for green urban balconies. For me lately every Sunday is a day of relaxation taking care of my plants. I have a pretty cool collection but i want more. Even if you have a tiny balcony, there is always a way to be creative by adding flowers and plants. Here are 10 ideas that i found over apartment therapy





I cannot imagine better 10 minutes break from work. Watering your plants is definitely the best way to clear your mind from stressful thoughts. Here are nine photos that i found over Pinterest in order to show you the mood. Nature colors and elements like green color or wooden surfaces but also concrete elegance

Always a great idea for me is to add prints on your wall even if we are talking about outdoors here. Prints dedicated to nature like the one bellow. Albert Camus inspirational quote or the second botanic watercolor painting



Plus 4 Mess Project suggestions from Etsy to help you more. Find:

  1. Ceramic pencil holder \\\ 2. Concrete Planter \\\ 3. Geometric hanger \\\ 4. Vintage watering can


A days spent at a green balcony is a day spent great. Enjoy

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