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With a unique style like Simonis i guess that is not that hard to stand out from the regular murals artists. She is the first female street artist that we had the chance to talk with! I really like her work, hope you like it…

What was the first drawing (project) to remember to draw your attention as a child and why?
The anime, Japanese animation, I was enchanted with them also some illustrations from old children, English books.

Have you studied something about design – illustration and what were your major influences? (Generally, not only from street art).
I studied art restoration. The manga (Japanese iconography) and I think pop surrealism is one of my basic influences, without however being unique.

The first woman I remember in Greece to demand a position with claims was Zoe zillion. After that, yours illustrations are really special. Tell me a little about the characters that you plan.
My characters live in a virtual parallel world full of feminine energy, always trying to communicate with our own (world), feelings and their dreams.

Why do you do this and how do you believe that inspires the people who see your work on the streets.
A joyful moment I would like to give away the world that stops and observe it, my hope is to cheer them up, to tell them have a nice day!

Where and which was the first street art that you created, at the age of and what feedback did you receive for it?
On the streets of Thessaloniki I began with friends, I drew my first female character and really enjoyed it too.

Have you ever stand in front of your work to see the reactions of passers-by? Tell me the first time that you wanted form a reaction or a word to shout from your joy.
The street art always gives you the joy of the direct communication of your work and a lot of nice moments with different people.

The street artists spend a lot of money to spray and materials without being certain that at some time their work will be recognized and will bring them back some money. Do you have a sponsor and what keeps you on creating.
Yes, it is very high material cost; fortunately I was lucky having, from quite early on, the ability to deal professionally with my art. For me, however, the most important of all is the joy of creating as it is, that motivates me to continue to evolve.

Have you ever been chased by the police or some building owners? How do you feel when they erase your work within a few hours (if it has happened). What time do you go on the streets to avoid prying eyes and incidents.
Fortunately I have not ended up to a police station, there have been some strange incidents though. To dyer street is temporary, you know that when you start your piece, indeed nothing is forever. I do not have a specific time in order to paint, depends on the occasion.

Partnerships that made you happy, tell me how do you see the future in Greece and a Greek artist who is for you the next big thing?
It is always a challenge to work with other artists and I enjoy it too, offer something new to each other. With my husband Argiri Ser we try to work together as often as we can, apart from the fun that this gives us, helps us evolve as artists. Even though Greece has a loud street art scene that is becoming more accepted and understood by the public, it is not sure that it can support it at this time. Certainly the crisis has offered many stimuli. The feminine presences in street art are many and each has a separate job. Several are my friends, I appreciate them and especially love their job, it is not easy for me to pick out someone, but I have my preferences.

Your experience in Banksy tunnel the conditions of work – the process and how were you greeted there?
Last March we were in Banksy tunnel, as part of the largest female festival of Europe ‘Femme Fierce’ with Mariana cute and Cleo43 (with the support of and other 100 street artist women held on the International Women’s Day. It is a well-organized festival with global participation. As usually in these festivals, there was certain space and colors. The time was quite limited and due to the sprays + 100 people, it was difficult to go through the tunnel without mask. I must say I surprised by the way they welcomed me and showed interest in my work.

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My characters live in a virtual parallel world full of feminine energy




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The street art always gives you the joy of the direct communication of your work



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Some of the works that you see above are collaborations.
Contributors: Argiris Ser, Sonke, Skount, Laguna, Zofos.

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