La Boom

I first met Tatianas work at Etsy. Vintage – handmade boxes perfect for anyone who love kids or feel like. I have one on my home studio but i have purchase one for my friend sofia last year as well. I don’t want to say much but i definitely recommend this shop. Here comes a small bio but her product methods as well.

About La boom!

Crafting has always been a family matter. Even as a small child I used to paint, play with strings and fill my time with creative stuff. I studied graphic design (it was my second choice after Math) and I work as a designer the last 17 years. The craft fairy hit me again three years ago, when I decided to make my wedding invitations on my own. I haven’t stopped creating handmade stuff since! I decided to go full time with it and open my etsy shop when I moved in Antiparos five years ago. I am so glad I did 🙂 I live in a small cycladic island, Antiparos, seeking ways of raising my biotic level and come closer to nature. I love life here and especially wake up everyday and look at the Aegean sea calms me down and gives me all the inspiration I need. My dream is to open a brick & mortar shop in Antiparos one day, a place for design, selling my pieces and organize events like weddings and baptisms.

Production Methods

The procedure of making a piece, practical is not a big secret. My main technique is decoupaging different kind of boxes and by adding all the details, deliver them as shadowboxes, light boxes or pedestals. I start with it and during the procedure, I am visualizing of what it will finally be. This is the hardest part. I may start to complete it as a shadowbox with silhouettes on and such and suddenly inspiration hits me and I change it completely into something else. Sometimes I need half an hour to complete an idea and some other times, 2 hours or a even a day. It is never the same!







I live in a small cycladic island, Antiparos, seeking ways of raising my biotic level and come closer to nature






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