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Egst (Etsy Greek Street Team) is the greek community at Etsy platform. Today on mess project picks i am sharing six product for you to buy and support syrian people. Here is the post writing as published at egst blog.

After talking with numerous of our members we thought it would be a good idea to show our support to the community and to assist the effort of relief in the humanitarian crisis that is taking place in our country. A small or large amount of money can make a big difference to the various volunteering teams that support Syrian refugees.

So we came up with the idea that shops who want to contribute can offer one or more items to this cause and when it’s sold, give part of the amount or the full amount of their earnings to the needs of Medicins Du Monde:
Our team members responded positively and very generously donated items for this cause, you can find them all here: Buy an item from this list and you can contribute to the valuable work of the Medicins Du Monde.

Team members that wish to take part in this effort can find out more information here!

So our picks are:
1. Paris black and white hanger \\\ 2. Summer women sandals \\\ 3. Blue watercolor greek tile coasters \\\ 4. Greek seascape photographic poster \\\ 5. Pink geometric pendant necklace \\\ 6. Dainty circle geometric necklace

Hope you like all the products and remember it’s for a good cause. Enjoy!

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