My Favorite Greek Instagramers \ Summer Edition

Definitely Greece is the perfect place to take a photo and post it on your Instagram account. During the summertime everyone that i know who travel around Greece doing the same thing. Post his or her pictures all day long. For the photography lovers today i am sharing four or my favorite greek instagramers.

I can’t believe these four beautiful landscapes! True beauty, don’t you think? Let me introduce these accounts a little bit more…

1. Zahos. a photography lover with all these lovely seascapes \\\ 2. My paradissi, Eleni did a fantastic job. I believe that this photo summer is hers, Architect – interior designer and a fantastic blogger \\\ 3. Mika Hatzidaki, advertising creative director from Paros. \\\ 4. Tomy K, instargram superstar and a fantastic graphic designer with passion for patterns!

Hope you like them, show them your love… Enjoy!


My Paradissi


Tomy K