A sculptural food stand

Modern and minimal, this sculptural food stand caught my attention. Designed by Valencia based Totpoc this stand is an interactive mini “table” with geometric wooden parts. You can use them all to create one piece or you can use your imagination and be creative…

Definitely a great idea for modern interiors. Enjoy

Oboo-food-serving-by-totpoc-2-600x605 Oboo-food-serving-by-totpoc-3-600x605 Oboo-food-serving-by-totpoc-7-600x605 Oboo-food-serving-by-totpoc-8-600x605 Oboo-food-serving-by-totpoc-9-600x399 Oboo-food-serving-by-totpoc-10-600x399 Oboo-food-serving-by-totpoc-11-600x399 Oboo-food-serving-by-totpoc-12-600x605