A gallery wall at home

A style home – living room always depend on the items that we pick to put on our walls or spaces. We have discuss on a previous post about gallery walls and how to create one here. This post is about the content of the frames, personally i love design, photography and typography. Black and white inspirational visuals are what i always choose. So remember to pick different frames (sizes and colors) and always have a plan on your mind about the aesthetics results that you want to have on your home.

Interior photography by Dust Jucket and Desire To Inspire


My four poster picks today are clean, modern, funny and minimal! 1. Roosevelt black and white quote \\\ 2. Truth wins, beautiful and minimal seascape with gold typography on \\\ 3. Funny poster for cyber mothers \\\ 4. Dreamy black and grey Greek seascape for nature lovers!

4 Christmas DIYS