One Film Project | An Instagram short film

One film project is a unique – experimental project by Dimitris Michailidis and Rania Divani. Dimitris text me on Facebook about his new project and asked me if i wanted to participate. The main concept is written bellow:

Let’s make a short film together, one instagram video at a time.
How does it work? The story won’t be revealed until the final editing. Each participant will receive just one scene from the secret script. Then, they will have to shoot and upload on instagram, as soon as the previous director has uploaded his or hers. A chain of raw footage will be created on #onefilm_project timeline, until the final scene. Once this is done, we will edit it, add some music and… we’ve made it! One film, one story, many directors!

Of course i said yes. Brilliant idea, i had the chance to work with instagram lovers around Greece plus artists. You can see the film hereplease comment and share if you like it. Based on writtings of K.Bhta an exceptional Greek Singer, songwritter and performer. Enjoy