Four Christmas DIYS

Is there a better way to create a Christmas atmosphere than DIYS? I believe not? That s why today i m picking four Christmas DIYS that i found around net and i m going to try them on my own. I wanted to share as well… So find some time to relax and to try them at home. You can even create some more for your friends and family. Let’s start!

The first one is a paper hanging holiday decor by Paper and Stitch, you are going to need a gift idea as well. Visit Michelle Phan and find out more! Of course you are going to need a tree (lol) what about a different design idea this year? French by design blog is you online destination for this but you can also read one of my previous posts here for a typographic Christmas tree. If you like minimal graphic design. Last but not least candles… A beautiful post by house of earnest. Enjoy

dip-dyed-hanging-holiday-decor-13IMG_3641 diy-xmastree3wm DSC_8314_1