Meet the Greeks – 2

I m definitely loving the Meet the Greeks posts on this blog. First of all i love sharing, but online shopping is one of the greatest things for me on Sunday mornings. So today i am sharing ten more design products that i would love to have. If you missed the first meet the Greeks post, here is the link to visit. Let’s start!

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The real intellectuals mug. A new shop downtown Athens – Greece. Great vintage design silkscreen (handmade print) on a mug. There is an online shop as well. Click the link here. Price: 15 euros

Roots – exceptional drinks… Traditional Greek drinks for the taste lovers. Find more here 

Noni Nezi, a fantastic illustrator. Small quantities – silkscreens on goodies. Visit here Fb page here

These shadow boxes are great believe me for all kind of kids! I have one on my home studio. Her name is Tatiana and she owns La Boom. A vintage paper goods shop. Find more here. Great as a Christmas gift as well. Price: 19.71 euros

Alber Einstein iphone case by Mess Project. Motivational – inspirational design. The measure of intelligence is the ability to change! Click the link here for more infos! Price: 13 euros

Geometric ceramic tills by Tilissimo. Great handmade home decoration. Many different design. Have a look here. Price: 26.28 euros

Eried is one of the kind. Fantastic shapes with polymer clay. Fine artist – Architect – Jewellery designer and a great person. I also have one of those set of earrings for my girlfriend. I ll definitely buy more. Visit her shop here. Price: 45.17 euros

Branch earrings by Katerinaki. Minimal and elegant. Great christmas gift. Have a look here. Price: 47.64 euros

Black leather sandals by Greek Chic Handmades inspired from the Greek wave motif. Grab them now, be ready for the summer. Sexy gift… Click the link here. Price: 77.21 euros

Handmade ceramic Greek coasters. The Papadopoulou biscuit style. 4 different colors. Made by Cristina Morali (Greek artist). Her workshop link here

Hope you like them… Cheers