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Fabrica.it has always been one of my favorites online destinations. An Italian design studio… one of the kind! I can not forget the awesome work for Benetton – see one of the outdoor campaign here – but also colors magazine! I have a couple issues, fantastic!

Sunday morning, and the first thing i want to do is to sit on my couch with a cup of coffee and surf on the web for different design works. This time i follow a link from Facebook and this is what i find!!! It’s a beauty, isn’t it? A white design bench, minimal and solid!

Inspired by the lush tropical landscape of the Fairchild Gardens in Miami, Sam Baron’s La Marie-Lou Bench was first presented at the gardens’ inaugural design exhibitionSitting Naturally in December 2012. Made from lacquered wood, metal, and ceramics, the visual delicacy of the bench and it’s various attachments, demonstrates Baron’s ability to reinterpret traditional shapes and methods of construction into strikingly contemporary pieces.

Find more here! You can also buy it online! Have a great day!

marie-lou-bench-02 marie-lou-bench-03 marie-lou-bench-04 marie-lou-bench-05 marie-lou-bench-06