6 cards for your christmas presents

1. Cute christmas illustration, a fox an a bear on a hot air balloon.
Set of ten, Whimsy Whimsical – 16.42 euros

2. Typographic quote card, Eleanor Roosevelt – Do one thing every day that scares you.
Mess Project – 3.20 euros. There is a card collection if you prefer here – 9.60 euros

3. Minimal and modern yes card by OAK gallery – 2.50 euros. Personally i find her shop one of the most fashionable and elegant shops on Etsy

4. Emily McDowell does not need any introductions. An illustrated Picasso card for 3.69 euros

5. I love this heart typographic card by Lily and Val – 2.87 euros. A card about love!
It’s not the first time that i write about this shop on our blog. Do you remember one of our
first post here?

6. Kurt Vonnegut literary card by Obvious State – 3.69 euros. I love that card, don’t you?