A digital era

It s true that we live a digital new period. We see life through internet (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest… blogs…) thats not bad in a way but there is nothing like real life. That s a personal opinion i don t mean to bother. I know that now communication is much more easier and there are no borders, thats a great thing for sure! One thing that i don t like is to be all the time online, we now have smart phones and even if we re out with friends we only see what’s happening online through social media…

Further more we are decorating our houses with great big monitors and screens in order to be in touch with our friends and family! One thing that i know is that houses look much more cosy with the traditional media. prints, posters, photography worked for my home. Flowers and little stones and of course wood! Select colors that might cheer you up but on the the other hand classic black and white spaces are adorable. Don t forget to select things that you want to see everyday makes you think and be happy.

Have a great day!

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