Meet the Greeks

I am very excited about this post because i think its great! So today you’re going to meet ten Greek products that i love! As you may know Greece is in the middle of economical crisis and thats why everyone try to do different thinks to help them self and of course the country. One of my favorite morning habits is to search for new design product in general, not only Greek and i have to tell you that i find really cool thinks that you can shop them online as well if you live in a different country. My heart is for paper goods, photography, illustrations and typography but today you can find here other kind of products as well.

Let’s start!!!

zylo eyewear – Handcrafted wooden eyewear! Great quality, one friend of mine has. Actually i think that i am going to buy my own pair! Visit their awesome site here

A great bag by StudioLuv! Actually for the Greek people it a sentimental design as well because this pattern is like a food container that we have here in Greece. We call it (Tenekes). Go and visit them here

Awesome girl illustration by 10antemeridiem! She is a fine artist and a graphic designer as well! Visit her Etsy shop here

A wooden toy for kids and all the people that feels like a kid (i love that kind of toys) by the wandering workshop. Based on a Greek island Nios! Just perfect! Visit them here

Famous Plexida! She is like a superstar on Etsy, she is doing really good job. All products are hand knitted perfect for keeping you warm on a cold winter day! Based on Kozani – west Macedonian. Here for Plexida s amazing Etsy shop 

Here is a little something from our shop Mess Project. It s not secret that these paper coasters are my favorite shop project. I love everything with kids answers. I find them unique and funny. You can find them at Benaki Museum if you are a Greek reader. Visit our shop here 

Fantastic greek illustration with that traditional typeface by typokomio. Personally i love their job, keep it up guys. Go and visit them here 

Her name is Theano Petridou, i used to work with her sister when i was a McCann Erickson employ! One of the most kind kids i know. So Theano is award winner graphic designer. Thats a new project as far as i know – Greece Revisited. She designed that pareo inspired by ordinary and not so ordinary Greek characters. Visit her new shop here 

Do you know this guy here? His name is Tomy K, his like Instagram superstar for the instagram lovers. He love patterns and colors. Are this great pillows great or what? Visit Tomy K here

Last but not least: Dreamer. He is a self taught photographer and designer. Here is a picture of his extra cool notebooks but he design t shirts as well. I have two! What can i say i m a fan!!! One with a thunder and the second with a cartoon bear. Here is the link for his shop

Hope you like them all. Free to comment if you have any question

Till the next post… Eυχαριστώ πολύ (Thank you)