I caught myself pretty much obsessed this summer with props. I wanted to try new things with cover photos on our shop. So i did a lot of google search, read many blogs about this subject and visited many online shops. Different kinds as well (Fashion – Jewellery – home decor and many more) not only paper goods shop which is the main subject that i wanted to explore. I had my mind there on summer holidays as well. I wanted to bring little things with me in order to be ready for the photoshoot. Props brings out the real size of you product and your everyday personality too.

So these items bellow are the main object that i use! Cactus and plants in general are really hot at the moment. There are practically everywhere. Also marble backrounds! I prefer the white ones but you can use other colors as well. You can see beach stones as well and other little ornaments that i like.
ornaments plakaki-karidi

What ever you try don t forget to be loyal to your shop values (don t try something completely different, you just need a step further) and white space. WHITE SPACES ARE ALWAYS NEEDED!

So i put them all together and this is what happen. Cheers

iphone case cover_leaf_dogil_fullxfull.630416928_nxk9 il_fullxfull.631006015_k00d il_fullxfull.631373002_hpkh il_fullxfull.632161926_40fr il_fullxfull.632241971_l0x8 il_fullxfull.634361925_r4w5 il_fullxfull.644371219_7do2  il_fullxfull.644815249_dstf

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