Roadtrip to Lefkada

Of course we love to travel but Ionian sea is something different. This time we visit Lefkada. You can visit the island by car or ship. It’s not my first time there but i am always surprised! Can you believe these colours? The blue is like cyan and there is so much green as well! The nature there is unbelievable! The pictures below have no filters at all. It’s what you will see if you visit

We camp at Vasiliki which is the most popular beach in Greece when it comes to Wind surfing. This year we tried sup which is easy if have ever try something like that. I mean surf, wind surf, kite…

There is so much energy and fun… definitely recommend it for the surf lovers


Believe me you have to visit Porto Katsiki for a day, swim at those waters and relax with that view!

We really had great time, can t wait until next time






We did Capture that moments and there are few great seascape
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Lefkada photography poster cover_wave

Lefkada photography poster cover_beach

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