Lily and Val

Hello all!

Some time ago i order these two cards from an Etsy seller that i really like their shop. As you may know as a graphic designer i am really interested in paper goods and i really love typography, black and white and quotes. The brand name is Lily and Val and their into illustrated typography all by hand! Of course i believe that these cards are extra cool and cute as you can see but this is a great opportunity to talk about what i receive and my experience with that sellers

First of all the shipping was fast. I live in Athens – Greece and their headquarter is based in US. I receive a yellow big envelope with a sticker on and this is awesome because the sticker is illustrated as well, of course black and white but i find it funny and cheerful as well


I opened it carefully, (i wanted to share with all of you my experience) the cards was placed on a cardboard with a white envelope, that means that you can give it as a gift to a friend or family.

Actually i find one more card. You can see it bellow


A thank you card with all their social media in order to keep in touch and a notice for free shipping on orders $75+ which i am going to use for my christmas presents

Finally a small card that i love and i am going to use their advice every day!


Well designed with their shop address on! I can tell that these guys are pro. Except for my cards every other detail is counted!!!

What do you believe? Drop me some lines if you like, do you like handwritten and why?

Till the next post… Eυχαριστώ πολυ (Thank you)